You’re predisposed to shine, highly favored, king and queen on earth, and here for signs and wonders (Excerpt)

“…On top of facing myths and misconceptions that discourage many of us, there are other barriers including the lack of appropriate resources that would have enabled us to develop the right mindset and attitude to pursue greatness. Even if some of us begin this journey with limited info, resources, and support system, there are multitudes of sabotages that predispose us to drop out of the greatness race before we unchain our greatness.

By the way, once I recognized the devastating impact of the roadblocks enlisted in the last paragraph, I couldn’t remain silent. I couldn’t walk away. I was persuaded to do something about it. That is why I’m passionate about writing books on the theme greatness to empower individuals like yourself so that you may know that you’re:

  • Predisposed to shine.
  • Wired to have an undeniable impact.
  • Highly favored, more than any other creation.
  • King/Queens on earth.
  • For signs and wonders in this life-sustaining universe.
  • Prone to become great and leave a mark the contemporary and future generations will remain appreciative.

I was further convinced to publish books on the theme of greatness so that you may:

  • Know that attaining greatness is your birthright,
  • Have a simple process that guides you on your greatness journey, and
  • Draw some lessons from those great ones who walked before you so that you too may unleash your greatness to the fullest…”

The above excerpt is taken from the Introduction part of Unchain Your Greatness (p. 8 – 9).

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