Step into Your Greatness

There are perfectionists. They don’t start anything meaningful without making sure it comes out perfect. They wait, as the saying goes until all traffic lights turn green before they put their foot on the gas pedal┬á­čÖé┬áThis is pathological, to say the least.

No one is perfect and nothing can be done perfectly. We and what we produce are work in progress. We shouldn’t wait until we or what we do appear perfect.

You are greatness material. The people that you admire, even sometimes worship, were like you before they stepped into their greatness. They did put one foot followed by another, one step at a time before they ultimately attained greatness.

You too can do the same from wherever you may be right now. Begin small. Use what you have on your hands. Maximize the opportunity that presents to you at the moment.

If you do so, the rest will be history. You will be one of the great world changers. Not only this, but also generations to come will celebrate your boldness, sacrifice, and service. I can see that you are heading toward greatness and there is nothing or no one could stop you. Of course, you may stop yourself, the worst enemy of all.

Remember, I am your cheerleader as you claim your birthright of greatness and step into your greatness. Read my two books to learn more about the kind of greatness you should pursue, and the stages you need to pass through before you unchain your greatness within to the fullest, the stories of great ones from diverse cultures, religions, age groups, and so on. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Learn from others, customize the lessons, and contextualize them in your own world and culture.

Go to Amazon to get your copies and also give gifts to the people you care about. It is your season to shine. It is your turn. Don’t let that pass you by. Don’t die full and insignificant. Die giving your best and as one of my mentors used to say ‘die empty!’

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