Leading a purpose-oriented living

One of the 3 takeaways I shared yesterday at the ESFP 2nd dinner gala was the importance of purpose-oriented lifestyle, to take leadership (or initiate a project or open a business) that aligns with your purpose (or your cause, passion, calling, what have you).

Be it GREAT business owners, inventors, change agents from history took leadership in the area which was very close to their heart- something they cared so much.

Those who were out to chase just money, popularity, and things like that that are nothing to do with what matters to them the most intrinsically didn’t make it, even if they made it, it didn’t last.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the US, his Excellency Fistum Arega

What about you? Are you serving where you are passionate? Are you leading a purpose-oriented lifestyle?

To learn more about the latter and read the stories of great ones from diverse cultures, generations, and age groups who led a purpose-oriented lifestyle, check out my 4th book, which provides the three pillars of GREATNESS: https://successpws.com/?page_id=3362

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