Update on Assegid’s trip to Philly

RighsideHandLiftedOn Saturday morning, Assegid gave training for the leadership of New Life Church. The topics were:

1. The Power of Values: The art of leading values-centered team

2. Communicate Effectively to Transcend Communication Barriers

3. Mastering Teamwork: Unleash the Untapped Potential of Your Team

4. Character: The cornerstone of your leadership

Here is an excerpt of the training:

On Sunday early evening, Assegid motivated the congrgation on the topic “Called to Greatness”. The subtitles were:

1. Demystifying the six misunderstanding about greatness

2. Why God’s desire is to make each and every one of us great?

3. Stories of those who were transformed from being underdogs to greatness

4. Things that can sabotage our greatness

5. The lessons we learn from those who lived a great life

6. Conclusion (things we should do to claim, pursue, and fulfill our greatness)

Here is an excerpt of the sermon:

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