Technical Trainings for Workforce Development

Success Pathways provides certification programs and individual technical trainings to empower the unemployed and underemployed workforce.

I. Certification programs.

Success Pathways provides a variety of certification programs in partnership with strategic partners that invest on workforce development. The following are some of the certification programs:

  1. Microsoft,
  2. Cisco,
  3. CompTIA,
  4. Oracle, and other certifications.


  • Success Pathways provides the aforementioned certification programs plus it help participants get certified.
  • It also offers employment support trainings such as resume writing, and interviewing skills.

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II. Individual IT Trainings

We also provide individual IT trainings.You may click on the topic you’re interested to learn more including the learning objectives:

The above enlisted trainings are Essentials. If you’re interested us to provide Expert, and Advanced versions of these topics to your team, let’s know.


  1. Please note that we have the latest and comprehensive training materials for each topic developed by world class course designers (Training Manual, Instructor Guide, Icebreakers, Activities, and PowerPoint Slides). Of course, when the situation warrants, like for example, when all participants are from the same organization and/or industry, we may tailor made and customize the training.
  2. We issue completion certificate to each attendee who completes the training successfully.


“I had the opportunity to work with Assegid Habtewold “AZ” in 2014 as an instructor for Per Scholas, National Capital Region, IT-Ready project that combined both hard and soft skill trainings. He provided A+ certification training to our students with a certification rate of 100%. AZ also facilitated discussions on topics such as professionalism, safety, inclusion and cultural sensitivity, effective communication, feedback giving and receiving, team building, and conflict management in the workplace. AZ is a phenomenal, capable and knowledgeable instructor who’s able to combine career and leadership development programs into his curriculum. He is also able to infuse real life experiences throughout his training. He uses interactive discussions and group activities to help participants understand the content. He is very easy to work with, very in tuned to the needs of the group and takes feed back really well. He is a natural leader, coach, and mentor. I would highly recommend AZ as a trainer in IT certifications, and facilitator for Leadership Development, Career Development, Team Building, and other related themes.”

Bridgette Gray, Managing Director, Per Scholas, National Capital Region.


“Assegid (AZ) Habtewold has been a member of our team since May 2014. He is an experienced trainer who has provided both technical, and professional development training for our programs. His style of training is interactive – he engages students from the time they enter the room.  AZ offers a strong balanced approach to training, and facilitating at times giving the participants’ opportunities to present, share their stories, and ask questions. AZ loves to use metaphors, stories, and experience. He is not a lecturer but one who is able to engage and keep the participants focused on the topics, and the objectives. His focus is students’ learning while creating a meaningful experience, and his ability to leverage multiple adult learning techniques, and a balanced approach is certainly effective. I admire AZ’s professionalism, and his commitment to deliver beyond our expectations. He is loved and respected by our students, and have achieved 100% certification results in each program. AZ is a pleasure to work with, and a valued asset on our team at A Critical Path.”

 Adam Turner, Director of Training , A Critical Path Inc.