Windows 7 Essentials

MicroSoftWindow 7Welcome to the Windows 7 Essentials workshop. This workshop will help you unlock the power of the tools available in Windows 7. By the end of this workshop, your new desktop will have you rocketing through your tasks like a pro!

Windows 7 Essentials will show your participants the great new features of Windows 7 and provide them with a great base to further their Windows 7 experiences. With Windows 7 you are able to better manage your time by providing new and more efficient tools and applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Upgrade from Vista or XP
  • Log in and out of Windows
  • Use the Search Box
  • Pin an application to the Start Menu or the Taskbar
  • Customize the Start Menu
  • Use the Notification Area and Action Center
  • Navigate the Control Panel and make changes to Control Panel items
  • Use Gadgets, Themes, Sticky Notes, and the Snipping Tool
  • Backup Files
  • Understand Libraries
  • Use Windows Key Shortcuts
  • Share Files
  • Use Location Aware Printing
  • Troubleshoot Program Compatibility
  • Understand System Restore
  • Understand Startup Repair