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Our Motivational Speeches are designed to bring out the greatness entrapped within each individual and team. The speeches are designed to inspire the audience to believe in themselves individually and collectively, take leadership initiatives, and overcome challenges that may stand between them and their goals. The ultimate objective of these speeches is to motivate individuals and teams to tap into their unlimited potential, aim high, break through barriers, and meet their individual and organizational goals.

Assegid has given inspirational talks to many student and youth groups, and community organizations. He shares stories of those whose lives transformed from nobody to somebody great; those who left their comfort zone to succeed in unfamiliar territories; those who outgrown their challenges and experienced powerful comebacks; those who unleashed their potential and emptied themselves before they breathed their last breath. He shows you the main reasons why you should too believe that you’re born to be great, this is your turn, you have deep inside what it takes to outlast setbacks, and the obligation to dying empty…

Below are some of the themes that have been requested frequently:

I. Born to Greatness™
Each and every individual is born to greatness. This motivational speech inspires participants to pursue greatness in whatever they do. We all don’t have the same passion, gifts, and talents. We all don’t have the same aspirations and destiny. Whatever yours is, reaching that greatness requires you to develop the right mindset, understand why you are wired for greatness, and demystifying some misunderstandings about greatness.

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II. It’s Your Turn™
All those great individuals in our history began their journey toward greatness without waiting too long, regardless of the overwhelming challenges they were faced, even if they felt scared and unprepared. They took that first step of faith, and one opportunity to serve and grow opened for them another door, and another, and finally they finished their journey successfully and left for us great legacies. That first step has magic. That conviction when they said ‘It’s my turn‘ and their decision to leave their comfort zone launched them to a rewarding and fulfilling journey. Each and every young person too can make that step of faith now. And, this motivational speech is designed to raise the next generation world changers.

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III. Outlasting Continual Setbacks™
It is a given. If you aspire to achieve great things, setbacks are around the corner. In the real world, we cannot achieve any meaningful thing without facing hurdles and challenges. This demands us to master outlasting continual setbacks if our desire is to meet our personal and organizational goals. This speech aims to motivate the audience embrace setbacks, develop resilience, stay on course regardless of defeats, and maintain a positive attitude while passing through tough and trying times in their personal and/or Business, and/or organizational lives…

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IV. Dying Empty™

Death is a great equalizer. Whether we are rich or poor, whether we are successful or not, we are going to die. Death is also a great motivator. Knowing that we die on any day, it makes us appreciate life, and grasp each and every opportunity we have. Death is also one of the inducers of sense of urgency. Unfortunately, many of us are unable to enter this sense of urgency because of many reasons. This is especially tempting if you’re young and healthy. The question is how are we going to die? You can determine to die empty. And, this speech is designed to inspire you to dying empty, and equip you with some great tips to pursue this kind of lifestyle.

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Please note that we will take ample time to understand your group and tailor-made each speech to its intended audience for maximum impact. In this regard, we carry out pre-event research, and if necessary conduct informal interviews (in consultation with you) with some of your people to customize the speech and deliver the promised results. We will also follow-up with you once the speech is over, and if you desire, we will be available to strengthen the results achieved with other services such as trainings, workshops, coaching, and consulting.

If the program you are looking for your group isn’t listed above, you may let us know. We will work with you to deliver the kind of inspirational speech you are looking for…


We can prepare tailor-made motivational speeches for the following events:

•   Conferences,

•   Annual Celebration Events,

•   Graduations,

•   Retreats,

•   Special Occasions,

•   Luncheons,

•   Fund raising, and

•   More.


45 – 90 Minutes.


Below are a few testimonials:

Dr. Assegid Habtewold personal experience, in-depth knowledge of student-related issues, and his leadership characteristics were clearly demonstrated in the presentation he did at our African Heritage Month celebration at Montgomery College on September 26, 2012.

Assegid spoke directly to the challenges facing our students and shared his own personal story about how his involvement in leadership began. He encouraged our students to set goals, realize their potential as leaders, and to fulfill that potential.

The professional style and friendly demeanor Assegid possesses has made him a joy to work with. Sometimes I invite speakers to the college who are not easy accessible nor responsive when working in preparation for an event. But that was not the case with Assegid. His availability, thoughtful planning, careful attention to detail, and genuine concern shown while working with me made it a pleasure.

Evaluations from participants who attended the program were almost unanimous in indicating that the speaker could relate to the participants. Participants also indicated that they were inspired, given information that was critical to their success, and that they planned to take action.

Dr. Habtewold’s expertise and professionalism is exemplary. I look forward to working with him again in the near future and would recommend his services to others.

Eniola Olowofoyeku, Assistant Coordinator, International & Multicultural Student Center, Montgomery College

Have you ever had setbacks, set you back in your life just waging you from reaching your goals? If so, Mr. Habtewold’s speech just reminded me- actually let me know- three lessons he has learned in his life that could help him and could help you go after your own dreams despite the setbacks that you might possibly have.

Mr. Habtewold is a natural storyteller. He engaged me and I know he will engage you in his speech. He helped me see some of the things that I could do to get those setbacks out of the way and help me reach the goals that I hold dear to my heart.  And I bet that if you listen, you will have fun with his message and may be even sing along and he can help you do the same too. Good luck with it and enjoy.

Mel Bayo, former Area 62 Governor and President of Do Tell Toastmasters club.


I have attended two of Assegid’s speeches and I think they are amazingly motivational, inspirational, and kind of put your life in focus for you to understand where you want to go in life and how to get there. And anybody who wants to do big things has to be motivated.

I know that some of us feel that oh we prefer to stay at home and we don’t need these kinds of things. There is a reason why fortune 500 companies have different speakers to come in and talk to their employees because they are trying to get somewhere; they are trying to attain their goals. And they need to sort of light a fire and that fire will allow people to go where they need to go and accomplish the goals the company has set out to do.

And I look forward to hear more of Mr. Assegid Habtewold’s speeches.

Olu Yemisi, Director, Olu Yemisi & Company Entertainment.

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