Workshop on Turning Conflicts into Opportunities

Conflict happens everywhere. It occurs at home, in the neighborhood, the boardroom, manufacturing floor, marketplace, and workplace. Everyone experiences conflict. Wherever two or more people come together; there is bound to be conflict. The graveyard is the only place where conflict doesn’t occur. That is why dealing with conflict is important for every organization no matter what the size. If it is left unchecked or not resolved, it can lead to lost production, absences, attrition, and even law suits.

In the Turning Conflicts into Opportunities workshop, participants will learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. It will give participants a seven-step conflict resolution process that they can use and modify to resolve conflict disputes of any size. Your participants will be provided a set of skills in solution building and be finding common ground. It also allows participants to expand their perception about why they and other people use certain conflict response modes most frequently, and their intentions when they do that. This awareness about the most preferred mode of self and other team members allow the team to understand one another and handle conflicts better if they find themselves in a dispute in the future. The workshop is designed to increase participants understanding about conflict, and play their share in turning workplace conflicts into opportunities.

The main goal of this workshop is to empower participants with the necessary skills, processes, and tools so that they may turn conflicts into opportunities and in turn master getting along with others. Below are the specific objectives of the workshop (While the objectives can be modified to meet the particular needs of your team, below is a common starting point). The workshop is designed to:

  • Understand what conflict and conflict resolution mean
  • Recognize all six phases of the conflict resolution process
  • Explain the five main styles of conflict modes
  • Be able to adapt the process for all types of conflicts
  • Be able to break out parts of the process and use those tools to prevent conflict
  • Be able to use basic communication tools, such as the agreement frame and open questions

The workshop on Turning Conflicts into Opportunities is a very dynamic workshop that aims at equipping participants to develop the competency not only to resolve conflicts but also to turn them into opportunities. Filled with pairing, small and large group discussions, the workshop enables your employees, supervisors, and managers to understand the meaning, natures, and sources of conflicts in the workplace. The workshop also allows participants to recognize the different types of conflict responses, their own conflict modes, which modes they use most frequently and rarely, and the conflict modes of the people they work closely. Participants will also be provided with insights, tools, and a process that facilitates turning conflicts into opportunities.We have up-to-date and well-designed Workshop Manuals, Facilitator’s Guide, Icebreakers, Activities, PowerPoint Slides, and offer Certificate of Completion to all attendees upon completing the program successfully. However, if it’s necessary, we’ll be happy to work with you and customize our materials to make them relevant to your situation, meet the needs of your people, and align with your organization’s corporate culture.

This workshop is participants-centered. The facilitator doesn’t lecture. The workshop employs adult learning principles. It begins by asking participants to share their expectations from the workshop. These expectations will be checked at the end of the workshop to see if participants’ expectations are met. Once the facilitator provides background information and a story or two for each section, he then asks a series of questions that allow participants to reflect, dig deep, and through the process learn from within as they respond to the probing questions. Participants will also engage in pair, small, and large group discussions to learn from other fellow participants. There will be quizzes, and assignments to evaluate learning. At the end of the workshop, each participant will be given an opportunity to recognize one thing they learned, and one immediate action they take because they attended this workshop.

TYPICAL WORKSHOP AGENDA(may be modified to meet specific team needs)


  • Individual and small group discussions to come up with a consensus definition of conflict
  • Large group discussion about the characteristics of conflict
  • Discussion in pair about conflict in the workplace
  • Large group discussion concerning sources of conflict in the workplace
  • Consequences if conflict isn’t managed well


  • Explaining the five conflict modes, where they are appropriate to use or not to use
  • Discuss their assessment results
  • Group participants into their most preferred mode to discuss their intentions when they use that mode
  • Engage the five groups into exchange their perceptions about people who have different conflict response modes than theirs
  • Discussion about how to work on the conflict modes participants are not well skilled

Expected Outputs/Deliverables
The major deliverables expected from this workshop are as follows:

  • A one-day customized workshop
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Participants Manuals
  • Scheduled small and large group discussions
  • Customized activities
  • Customized role plays
  • Evaluation Form

Introducing Success PATHWAYS
Success Pathways provides interactive and dynamic organizational and leadership development workshops that add values to our customers from diverse industries. Our goal is to support our clients in creating a productive workplace that allows them to experience increased morale, harmony, teamwork, innovation, creativity, teamwork, and in turn high performance. One of the key benefits of working with Success Pathways is that we customize each of our workshops to align with our clients’ needs, provide case studies, and activities, games, and/or role plays that are very relevant to our clients’ industries. No two workshops on the same theme are ever the same. We believe that you are unique and deserve a unique experience. We also take extra measures to customize each workshop and make it appropriate and timely to address your specific organizational challenges. We endeavor to offer workshops that are dynamic and engaging that simplify the learning process and also make the whole experience educational and fun at the same time.

Some of our happy clients

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  • Westat,
  • Fuji Film,
  • CI International,
  • National Cancer Institute,
  • ICATT Consulting,
  • Public Schools,
  • WindWalker,
  • SkillPath and National Seminars, and so on.


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