Promoting Diversity and Embracing Inclusiveness

Diversity has taken on a new importance in the 21st C workplace, which is filled with diverse employees from various cultures, age groups, professions, races, ethnicities, genders, religions, and political affiliations, and so on. With diversity come great opportunities. For instance, research shows that companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 % more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. However, fully benefiting from a diverse workforce demands removing barriers, stereotypes, and creating a more inclusive workplace. 

The workshop will help participants increase their abilities to contribute their share in promoting diversity and embracing inclusiveness by understanding what diversity is all about, and how they can help create a more diverse world at work and marketplace. They will be empowered to develop skills such as communicating effectively, listening actively, and employing effective questioning techniques that allows them to get along with diverse people successfully. The workshop also enables participants to understand why diverse people communicate, behave, interact, do things differently, and in certain ways. It also equips your people to use various strategies to remove barriers and stereotyping, and thus, encouraging diversity in the workplace.

Tentative Workshop Objectives
The main goal of this workshop is to empower participants with the necessary strategies, processes, and tools so that they may promote diversity and embrace inclusiveness and in turn master getting along with others. Below are the specific objectives of the workshop (While the objectives can be modified to meet the particular needs of your team, below is a common starting point). The workshop is designed to:

  • Define terms and review the history of diversity
  • Help understand the meanings of stereotypes and biases, how they develop, and the reasons for one’s own perspectives
  • Provide strategies to remove barriers that discourage diversity in the workplace, and in the social community
  • Instill the importance of active listening to receive messages in a diverse population
  • Equip participants learn effective questioning techniques to communicate with strength
  • Demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two main cultural divides in the world
  • Improve the cultural competency of participants
  • Equip participants prevent discrimination and comply to legal obligations
  • Provide insights to reduce prejudice and better manage diversity in culture, race, ethnicity, gender, generation, sexual orientation, and so on.
  • Show how to respond to personal complaints, and developing a support system to manage the resolution process
  • Explain on how to record a complaint, analyze the situation, and take appropriate resolution actions


  • Each participant gets a well-developed workbook
  • Attendees will receive a Certificate upon successful completion of the workshop

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