Leadership Workshops

Success Pathways provides customized leadership workshops for diverse industries such as government agencies, technology, manufacturing, science, research, and community organizations. Each workshop is designed to meet our client’s needs, organizational setting, and corporate culture. We endeavor to offer workshops that are dynamic that simplify the learning process and also make the whole experience relevant and fun. We closely work with the contact person (the hiring manager or his/her delegate) of the organization to tailor the program and in turn make sure we deliver (over deliver beyond the expectations of our clients) our promises.

Whether your organization is a government agency, non-profit, or a corporation, you need organizational and leadership development workshops to equip your managers and executives, which in turn increases productivity, brings unity of purpose, harmony, and synergy in the workplace. We share relevant stories, use effective metaphors, provide case studies, arrange small and large group discussions, and offer latest tools, models, processes, approaches, and frameworks. Our workshops are interactive, and engaging.

We have up-to-date and well designed initial workshop materials (manual, PowerPoint, activities, etc.) designed by world class instruction designers to begin the process of customization. However, we closely work with you to make sure we customize the workshops to meet your learning needs.

Sometimes, our clients ask us to bundle some of the themes their team needs together as a Program and deliver it over extended period of time, ranging from three days – six months. If you’re interested, we will work with you to pick the right topics, forge them as a Program with a theme, and then deliver the Program as:

1. Three days intensive boot camp, or

2. One day per week for, let’s say, six weeks (one topic per week), or

3. One day per month for, let’s say, six months (one topic per month), whichever works for your schedule.

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Below are some of the most requested workshops we have facilitated for our diverse clients:

  1. Creating Effective Team
  2. Building Trust
  3. Creating Inclusive and Diverse Workplace
  4. Turning Conflicts into Opportunities
  5. Initiating, Implementing, and Sustaining Change
  6. Skillfully Feedback Giving and Receiving
  7. Leading Successful Negotiation
  8. Effective Communication Strategies
  9. And more…


  • We work with you to identify your workshop needs (if necessary, conduct informal interviews with your key people),
  • Develop workshop learning objectives,
  • Design the session based on the above info,
  • Conduct the workshop (if necessary, carry out a pilot session before the actual date),
  • Engage in post training activities as follow-up, and
  • Take your feedback to improve the same workshop when we give it next time.


Most of our workshop themes are best when they are given, at least, as a full-day workshop.


Unless otherwise our clients request a different model, most of our workplace workshops are designed following the experiential learning model. Participants will be empowered with insights, and also get adequate chances to engage in small and large group discussions, role models, exercises, and assignments. We can provide both on-site and off-site workshops.


Below are some testimonials from our clients and partners:

“Assegid (AZ) Habtewold has been a member of our team since May 2014. He is an experienced trainer who has provided both technical, and professional development training for our programs. His style of training is interactive – he engages students from the time they enter the room.  AZ offers a strong balanced approach to training, and facilitating at times giving the participants’ opportunities to present, share their stories, and ask questions. AZ loves to use metaphors, stories, and experience. He is not a lecturer but one who is able to engage and keep the participants focused on the topics, and the objectives. His focus is students’ learning while creating a meaningful experience, and his ability to leverage multiple adult learning techniques, and a balanced approach is certainly effective. I admire AZ’s professionalism, and his commitment to deliver beyond our expectations. He is loved and respected by our students, and have achieved 100% certification results in each program. AZ is a pleasure to work with, and a valued asset on our team at A Critical Path.”

 Adam Turner, Director of Training , A Critical Path Inc.

“I have worked with Assegid Habtewold over the past six months in delivering a variety of leadership programs.  These include Leading Change, Conflict and Negotiations, and Diversity and Inclusion.  I have found Assegid to be a very effective presenter who connects well with his audience.  He has an engaging and open style that encourages audience participation.  He brings strong content knowledge to his presentations and is able to make the concepts applicable for his audience both through his own stories and the stories he solicits from the group.  On the logistics side, Assegid is unfailingly prompt and his follow-through is complete and comprehensive.  I feel fortunate to have him as a colleague and partner in delivering this leadership material to a broad audience of government and business professionals.”

John McCann, Director of Learning, CI International.

“I had the opportunity to work with Assegid Habtewold “AZ” in 2014 as an instructor for Per Scholas, National Capital Region, IT-Ready project that combined both hard and soft skill trainings. He provided A+ certification training to our students with a certification rate of 100%. AZ also facilitated discussions on topics such as professionalism, safety, inclusion and cultural sensitivity, effective communication, feedback giving and receiving, team building, and conflict management in the workplace. AZ is a phenomenal, capable and knowledgeable instructor who’s able to combine career and leadership development programs into his curriculum. He is also able to infuse real life experiences throughout his training. He uses interactive discussions and group activities to help participants understand the content. He is very easy to work with, very in tuned to the needs of the group and takes feed back really well. He is a natural leader, coach, and mentor. I would highly recommend AZ as a trainer in IT certifications, and facilitator for Leadership Development, Career Development, Team Building, and other related themes.”

Bridgette Gray, Managing Director, Per Scholas, National Capital Region.

Assegid Habtewold is a presenter who knows his stuff. From the minute he starts to speak, his charisma and expertise draw the listener in. As the workshop progresses, Habtewold balances sharing his knowledge with eliciting knowledge from the participants. Who knew we knew so much? When it’s time to wrap up, no one wants to stop talking! One Success Pathways workshop is obviously not enough. I look forward to continuing to learn the tools that will help me take control of my writing future.

Alix Moore, Author, and President of Maryland Writers Association, Montgomery County Chapter.

The ASTD Maryland Consultant’s Special Interest Group is an informal networking group comprised of senior internal and external workplace learning consultants.  We were fortunate at our March 2013 meeting to have one of our members, Assegid Habtewold, share his insights on Values-Based Consulting. Most of our membership has worked with values in their work and are already familiar with the role values play in the workplace.  Nevertheless, Assegid (AZ as we call him) was able to bring a really fresh viewpoint as well as well-researched new information to us.  The presentation was well organized and well paced.  He was also able to facilitate a balanced and thought-provoking discussion in a group of highly diverse participants, and we all gained many insights from the session.  I particularly admired the way he was able to balance covering the planned material and engaging the group in discussion.  The feedback from members was very positive and we look forward to hearing more from AZ in future meetings.

Christine Hipple, Chair, the Consulting SIG of ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) Maryland Chapter

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