Success Pathways provides one-on-one and/or group coaching opportunities for professionals, business owners, and leaders of organizations and communities on themes such as personal, organizational, and leadership developments. We have been coaching individuals to succeed in their personal life (how to discover their purpose, envision, identify their values, become more self-aware, and so on), and in their career and business endeavors (how to manage time, delegate, present, communicate, negotiate, etc.).
We use reality checks and measurements to help you assess where you stand, and also provide you tools, steps, and processes as you grow and develop yourself and your team.
For more, please read the notes below. If you may have any question or need further explanation,  please contact us via email at or call @ 703-895-4551

Below are some of the information you may need to know before you sign up for our one-on-one coaching:

I. Need assessment

During the first session, the Coach and the Coachee will discuss to identify the specific coaching needs of the Client.

II. Process
There are a number of coaching models available. Both parties choose the right model to guide the coaching sessions.
III. Duration
The common coaching duration is 60 minutes and once per week. Coachees can have one or more sessions depending on their needs.
IV. Medium of communication
The main means of communication is phone. However, if the Client has Broad Band connection, some or all of the sessions may be carried using Skype. Between sessions, the Client may communicate with the Coach via email to ask questions and clarify things.
V. Confidentiality
Trust is at the heart of the coaching relationship. We are committed to keeping the information Coachees share private and confidential. No information, thoughts, or ideas expressed will be shared with anyone.


  • Coaching is commonly tax deductible as either a consulting or educational expense on your Schedule C.


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