IT and Business & Management Consulting

Success Pathways provides IT, and Business & Management consulting services to organizations of all size. The main goal of these services is to support our clients to fine-tune their IT, business, organizational, and management systems and approaches  for peak performance by carrying out in depth investigation, analysis, execution, and evaluation to solve existing technological, organizational, and/or management problems and/or to carryout planned changes in response to their efforts to achieve agility, rebrand their images, reconfigure their organizational design, achieve excellent customer service, increase productivity, expand their market share, and more.

We would like to serve our clients by providing:

  1. IT, Business and Management advices and recommendations
  2. Experienced external consultants to work on full time or part time basis
  3. Project by project basis subcontract full-fledged consulting works
  4. And more…

The following are some of the areas we provide consulting services:

I. IT Consulting

Using our IT Consulting service, we offer our clients the following supports:

1.1. Design

1.2. Development

1.2. Migration

1.3. Integration

1.4. Implementation

1.5. Testing and Evaluation

1.6. Security

We serve across major enterprise platforms Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, PeopleSoft, etc.

II. Business and Management Consulting

2.1. Forming your business

2.2. Choosing and Developing your Board of Directors

2.3. Business Plan

2.4. Customer Relationship Management

2.5. Branding

2.6. Values Alignment

2.7. Human Resources Management

2.8. Change Management

2.9. Project (And/or Process) Management

2.10. Risk Management

2.11. Organizational Design

2.12. Corporate Culture

2.13. Supply Chain Management

2.14. Strategic Planning

2.15. Succession Plan

And More…


  1. Success Pathways can participate throughout the entire consulting process- from identifying the problems (areas that need change) to the implementation and monitoring/evaluation of the changes.
  2. We provide
  3. We provide qualified technical, business, and management consultants to meet your expectations.
  4. If there are IT, Business and Management Consulting services that aren’t included in the above list, please let’s know.


On behalf of the ICATT Team, I would like to thank you for your excellent consulting engagement with our team in  assessing our corporate values alignment and corporate culture. At the end of each assessment, you provided us with comprehensive reports that detailed methodologies used and findings coupled with insightful recommendations.

The results and suggestions put forward in these documents gave us a chance to revisit our commitment towards our core values, understand the prevailing culture and to fine-tune our corporate culture in agreement with our future goals and strategies.

Again, we appreciate your professionalism and insights in improving our organizational performance.  We look forward to work with you in the future.

Gabe Hamda (Ph.D., SPHR), President & CEO, ICATT Consulting Inc.

The ASTD Maryland Consultant’s Special Interest Group is an informal networking group comprised of senior internal and external workplace learning consultants.  We were fortunate at our March 2013 meeting to have one of our members, Assegid Habtewold, share his insights on Values-Based Consulting.

Most of our membership has worked with values in their work and are already familiar with the role values play in the workplace.  Nevertheless, Assegid (AZ as we call him) was able to bring a really fresh viewpoint as well as well-researched new information to us.  The presentation was well organized and well paced.  He was also able to facilitate a balanced and thought-provoking discussion in a group of highly diverse participants, and we all gained many insights from the session.  I particularly admired the way he was able to balance covering the planned material and engaging the group in discussion.  The feedback from members was very positive and we look forward to hearing more from AZ in future meetings.

Christine Hipple, Chair, the Consulting SIG of ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) Maryland Chapter.

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