The Highest Level of Greatness

Irrespective of your ethnicity, race, age or gender, you’re greatness material. Achieving greatness is your birthright. The great ones you admire were where you’re today. You possess unlimited potential. You can attain greatness in your lifetime.

However, you don’t need to chase any kind of greatness. Greatness has levels. A greatness that comes through pure luck, inheritance, natural gift and talents or one’s sheer willpower by working hard isn’t a fulfilling greatness. Greatness attained using brute force, corruption or other indecent means is also unsustainable.

You should seek the highest form of greatness. In this book, Assegid Habtewold will share with you the highest level of greatness based on discovering your unique purpose, envisioning the accomplishment of your purpose, and showing unwavering commitment to those values that define you, advance your purpose, and protect your vision from abortion or stillbirth.

Those who achieved the highest form of greatness led a purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven lifestyle. They changed the world, put a dent in the history of humanity, and left an enduring legacy. You too can achieve the highest form of greatness, and this book shares with you great insights and stories of many great individuals. Furthermore, the author provides a detailed framework that guides you in your pursuit to attain the highest level of greatness.

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