Assegid’s Bio

Dr. Assegid Habtewold is the CEO of Success Pathways ( and the founder of PRO Leadership Global ( He is an author, coach, consultant, speaker, and workshop facilitator. He has over 20 years hands-on leadership experience that began as a youth leader in the early 90’s in the eastern part of Ethiopia in Harar, and president of the students’ union of the largest university (AAU) in Ethiopia in the late 90’s. He has a doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership from Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA- USA), and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from Project Management Institute (PMI).

Assegid wrote five books (Click here to read the brief description of these books). Using his leadership books, he coaches, mentors, and consults leaders in the US to help them develop their organizational and leadership capacity. Based on his latest two books, he inspires his audience to believe that they have greatness within. He encourages them to serve their communities and organizations based on their passion, talent, and gifting. Assegid challenges his listeners to tap into their full potential, give their best, and ultimately die empty. Using his fourth book entitled ‘The Highest Level of Greatness: Purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven greatness’, in his keynotes, he promotes establishing purpose-oriented, vision-centered, and values-driven organizations.

He has extensive experience in facilitating interactive and dynamic workshops in the US using latest adult learning principles. Since 2007, Assegid has trained supervisors and managers in some government agencies such as National Institutes of Health (NIH), General Services Administration (GSA), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Inter-American Development Bank, National Conservation Center, Fuji Film, National Cancer Institute (NIC), US Forest Services, Premier Fixture, DC Water, National Park Service, Dorchester Bay EDC, MN Cincinnati Public Schools, DS Smith, US Naval Research Laboratory, Broker Genius, CompTIA, Per Scholas, Everis, and more.

Based on his book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others successfully’, Assegid motivates professionals to develop their soft skills to complement their technical skills and know how. Click here to listen to a sample speech he gave, in June this year, for 2018 graduates in the US. Assegid also facilitates highly engaging workshops by taking contents from the book. Some of the soft skills and leadership workshop themes that have been requested frequently include but not limited to Fundamentals of Successful Project Management, Excelling as a Supervisor or Manager, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Influencing Upward, Leading from Wherever you are, Conflict Resolution, Communication Strategies, Teambuilding, Time management, Negotiation Skills, Change Management, Diversity and Inclusion, Motivation and Recognition, Delegation, Breaking Down Silos, Feed Back Giving and Receiving, Coaching and Mentoring, and Presentation Skills. Click here to watch a video clip taken from the workshop he facilitated for five Toastmasters club in Rockville, MD in 2017, entitled ‘Communicate Like a pro’.

Assegid used to produce two educational English programs at a community Television and Radio station in VA in 2013 – 2015 that focused on building the organizational and leadership capacity of professionals, youth, and community leaders in the Diaspora and Ethiopia. Currently, he produces a talk show called Pick Yourself Up, which airs on Channel 16. Pick Yourself Up is designed to inspire, inform, and equip immigrants, job seekers, and those who are experiencing continual setbacks in their personal life, relationships, profession, and/or business.