Below are some of the testimonials from our clients and partners:

“I have worked with Assegid Habtewold over the past six months in delivering a variety of leadership programs.  These include Leading Change, Conflict and Negotiations, and Diversity and Inclusion.  I have found Assegid to be a very effective presenter who connects well with his audience.  He has an engaging and open style that encourages audience participation.  He brings strong content knowledge to his presentations and is able to make the concepts applicable for his audience both through his own stories and the stories he solicits from the group.  On the logistics side, Assegid is unfailingly prompt and his follow-through is complete and comprehensive.  I feel fortunate to have him as a colleague and partner in delivering this leadership material to a broad audience of government and business professionals.”

John McCann, Director of Learning, CI International.

“I had the opportunity to work with Assegid Habtewold “AZ” in 2014 as an instructor for Per Scholas, National Capital Region, IT-Ready project that combined both hard and soft skill trainings. He provided A+ certification training to our students with a certification rate of 100%. AZ also facilitated discussions on topics such as professionalism, safety, inclusion and cultural sensitivity, effective communication, feedback giving and receiving, team building, and conflict management in the workplace. AZ is a phenomenal, capable and knowledgeable instructor who’s able to combine career and leadership development programs into his curriculum. He is also able to infuse real life experiences throughout his training. He uses interactive discussions and group activities to help participants understand the content. He is very easy to work with, very in tuned to the needs of the group and takes feed back really well. He is a natural leader, coach, and mentor. I would highly recommend AZ as a trainer in IT certifications, and facilitator for Leadership Development, Career Development, Team Building, and other related themes.”

Bridgette Gray, Managing Director, Per Scholas, National Capital Region.

“On March 25, 2015, Dr. Assegid “AZ” Habtewold  was the Keynote Speaker at Take Flight Toastmasters club. The meetings are held in the NASA Federal Credit Union in Greenbelt, MD. Dr. Assegid “AZ” Habtewold  is a very dynamic and charismatic Keynote Speaker. His speech title was “Mitigating Culture Shock”.  He immediately engages his audience and connects with them during his entire presentation. He is highly motivated and interesting. Dr. Habtewold displays a pleasant demeanor and is very polished and poised.  He is very professional and adapts well to any environment. He can be relied upon to fulfill his commitment.  He is very knowledgeable and uses relevant examples in his presentation to emphasize his points. It was a pleasure working with him and listening to his speech. The speech was very thought provoking and with this awareness it will help to reduce conflict in your personal and professional life. I highly recommend Dr.AZ as a Motivational Speaker.”

Dr. Vernia T. Coleman, former Area 42 Governor and President of Take Flight Toastmasters Club

“Assegid (AZ) Habtewold has been a member of our team since May 2014. He is an experienced trainer who has provided both technical, and professional development training for our programs. His style of training is interactive – he engages students from the time they enter the room.  AZ offers a strong balanced approach to training, and facilitating at times giving the participants’ opportunities to present, share their stories, and ask questions. AZ loves to use metaphors, stories, and experience. He is not a lecturer but one who is able to engage and keep the participants focused on the topics, and the objectives. His focus is students’ learning while creating a meaningful experience, and his ability to leverage multiple adult learning techniques, and a balanced approach is certainly effective. I admire AZ’s professionalism, and his commitment to deliver beyond our expectations. He is loved and respected by our students, and have achieved 100% certification results in each program. AZ is a pleasure to work with, and a valued asset on our team at A Critical Path.”

 Adam Turner, Director of Training , A Critical Path Inc. 

I recently completed public speaking coaching sessions with Assegid.  Assegid is a thoughtful coach with patience, understanding and attention to detail. He tailored his approach according to my goals. He provided me very practical tips and strategies that helped me sharpen my public speaking skills in a  short period of time. It was a pleasure learning from him. I would highly recommend his coaching sessions to anyone who is interested to improve his/her public speaking skills.

Shimelse Mekonnen, Founder of MeSh Cart and Executive Vice President of Your Ethiopian Professionals (YEP)

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Assegid Habtewold is a presenter who knows his stuff. From the minute he starts to speak, his charisma and expertise draw the listener in. As the workshop progresses, Habtewold balances sharing his knowledge with eliciting knowledge from the participants. Who knew we knew so much? When it’s time to wrap up, no one wants to stop talking! One Success Pathways workshop is obviously not enough. I look forward to continuing to learn the tools that will help me take control of my writing future.

Alix Moore, Author, and President of Maryland Writers Association, Montgomery County Chapter.

The ASTD Maryland Consultant’s Special Interest Group is an informal networking group comprised of senior internal and external workplace learning consultants.  We were fortunate at our March 2013 meeting to have one of our members, Assegid Habtewold, share his insights on Values-Based Consulting.

Most of our membership has worked with values in their work and are already familiar with the role values play in the workplace.  Nevertheless, Assegid (AZ as we call him) was able to bring a really fresh viewpoint as well as well-researched new information to us.  The presentation was well organized and well paced.  He was also able to facilitate a balanced and thought-provoking discussion in a group of highly diverse participants, and we all gained many insights from the session.  I particularly admired the way he was able to balance covering the planned material and engaging the group in discussion.  The feedback from members was very positive and we look forward to hearing more from AZ in future meetings.

Christine Hipple, Chair, the Consulting SIG of ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) Maryland Chapter.

Dr. Assegid Habtewold personal experience, in-depth knowledge of student-related issues, and his leadership characteristics were clearly demonstrated in the presentation he did at our African Heritage Month celebration at Montgomery College on September 26, 2012.

Assegid spoke directly to the challenges facing our students and shared his own personal story about how his involvement in leadership began. He encouraged our students to set goals, realize their potential as leaders, and to fulfill that potential.

The professional style and friendly demeanor Assegid possesses has made him a joy to work with. Sometimes I invite speakers to the college who are not easy accessible nor responsive when working in preparation for an event. But that was not the case with Assegid. His availability, thoughtful planning, careful attention to detail, and genuine concern shown while working with me made it a pleasure.

Evaluations from participants who attended the program were almost unanimous in indicating that the speaker could relate to the participants. Participants also indicated that they were inspired, given information that was critical to their success, and that they planned to take action.

Dr. Habtewold’s expertise and professionalism is exemplary. I look forward to working with him again in the near future and would recommend his services to others.

Eniola Olowofoyeku, Assistant Coordinator, International & Multicultural Student Center, Montgomery College

Assegid is a brilliant young man with a very large heart. He is well schooled and knows his material.  Of greater importance is his ability to engage with people in dialogues using key questions to inspire people to think and learn. He has a great sense of humor, understands how people learn, and is willing to go the extra mile to be effective. For a case in point, recently, I saw him in action when he facilitated an interactive discussion on the theme “Values-Focused Consulting” where he shared his personal story, engaged participants, put forward practical examples, and applicable methods. Besides, his experiences in working with non-profits, which he has founded, show how he has been very effective in establishing functioning organizations.

Helene C. Sugarman, Principal, Dynamic Communications Inc.

Have you ever had setbacks, set you back in your life just waging you from reaching your goals? If so, Mr. Habtewold’s speech just reminded me- actually let me know- three lessons he has learned in his life that could help him and could help you go after your own dreams despite the setbacks that you might possibly have.

Mr. Habtewold is a natural storyteller. He engaged me and I know he will engage you in his speech. He helped me see some of the things that I could do to get those setbacks out of the way and help me reach the goals that I hold dear to my heart.  And I bet that if you listen, you will have fun with his message and may be even sing along and he can help you do the same too. Good luck with it and enjoy.

Mel Bayo, former Area 62 Governor and President of Do Tell Toastmasters club.

This type of presentation [Using foresight tools to strategize for the future] is useful for all scenarios- volunteer organizations, as well as professional organizations, for individuals as well as groups. The workshop was informative and inspiring. Thank you, Assegid.

Arleeta Lerner (M.S.), Teacher and Creative Writer, Montgomery County, MD USA.

I have attended two of Assegid’s speeches and I think they are amazingly motivational, inspirational, and kind of put your life in focus for you to understand where you want to go in life and how to get there. And anybody who wants to do big things has to be motivated.

I know that some of us feel that oh we prefer to stay at home and we don’t need these kinds of things. There is a reason why fortune 500 companies have different speakers to come in and talk to their employees because they are trying to get somewhere; they are trying to attain their goals. And they need to sort of light a fire and that fire will allow people to go where they need to go and accomplish the goals the company has set out to do.

And I look forward to hear more of Mr. Assegid Habtewold’s speeches.

Olu Yemisi, Director, Olu Yemisi & Company Entertainment.

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I have the privilege of knowing Assegid Habtewold for the past 6 years. When I first met him, I recognized that he has a leadership spirit and entrepreneurial attitude. Throughout our interactions, he has demonstrated professionalism and always well organized. His passion, dedication, and hard work in the field of personal leadership are exemplary. It is inspiring to witness the amount of growth he has made in the past few years. His humility and friendly nature makes him easy to work with.

He is a dedicated student to empower himself and a teacher in leadership field who spends a great deal of his time to excel in this field. I have gained a lot from his experiences. By bringing both his and my experiences, we developed three workshops and delivered in various cities in USA.

He is an inspirational speaker, extremely skilful professional trainer with superb interpersonal and communication skills. I have also noticed that Assegid has in depth organizational knowledge and a resourceful consultant. He can relate to people of different ages and backgrounds by giving them the opportunity to share their inner wisdom and experience through reflection and authentic communication. Assegid is adaptable and a team player who can transcend various cultures and belief systems.

I highly recommend Assegid as a motivational speaker, coach, trainer, and consultant. He will definitely be a great asset as you work with him towards improving your personal growth and organizational effectiveness.

Eskender Kassa, Managing Director, Glimpse, Addis Ababa and London. 

On behalf of the ICATT Team, I would like to thank you for your excellent consulting engagement with our team in  assessing our corporate values alignment and corporate culture. At the end of each assessment, you provided us with comprehensive reports that detailed methodologies used and findings coupled with insightful recommendations.

The results and suggestions put forward in these documents gave us a chance to revisit our commitment towards our core values, understand the prevailing culture and to fine-tune our corporate culture in agreement with our future goals and strategies.

Again, we appreciate your professionalism and insights in improving our organizational performance.  We look forward to work with you in the future.

Gabe Hamda (Ph.D., SPHR), President & CEO, ICATT Consulting Inc.

In January of 2013, our local chapter of the Maryland Writers’ Association had the pleasure of a well-crafted workshop led by Dr. Assegid Habtewold. Assegid ran an engaging and informative session to help local writers learn how to plan our individual writing careers and make strategic goals for ourselves. He covered many facets of the topic with expertise and illuminating examples from his life. I walked away with many useful nuggets to apply toward my career and other areas of my life. At the conclusion, many members’ comments echoed my experience of this inspiring workshop. I highly recommend Assegid for your organization’s needs- he’s warm, direct, and an excellent trainer.

Carolee Noury (MA), Career Counselor and Owner, CN Career Services.

There is an often spoken expression, “a diamond in the rough”, describing someone who will sparkle with brilliance once properly “cut”. This is a fitting description of Assegid Habtewold, an individual who left a secure profession in his home country in order to advance his vision and passions in a new land of opportunity. Like all international students who first arrive in the U.S., he had that “distant stare” in his eyes, but he quickly moved through the cultural acclimation process becoming clearly focused on his goals, demonstrating his creativity and intellectualism, and marking him as a “cut” above his contemporaries.

As a student he always exuded a reserved politeness combined with his constant smile, traits characteristic of his culture and upbringing. But despite this reserve, he constantly questioned everything around him as he rapidly absorbed the American culture. His qualities as a natural leader became evident as he organized the student body. Many of those first students, as well as the professors he impressed and befriended, would continue to remain connected as he pursued his future goals. He did not just stop his education with his Master’s in the U.S. but continued on to study for a doctoral of strategic Leadership at Regent University. This faith based school has been a good setting for Assegid to acquire his skills in strategic leadership while in an academic environment that promotes strong ethics, morality, and spiritual strength. Because of these attributes, KSU invited Assegid to co-chair its Space Faith Academy.

Currently, as he pursues his entrepreneurial goals in both the nonprofit and the for profit world, these strong characteristics combined with his intellectual abilities and skills serve him well as he enters the world of nonprofit and for profit business. It has been a privilege for me to personally observe his growth and success in higher education and to be trusted by him to participate in his nonprofit work in the capacity of a Board Advisor. Assegid also took two assignments to assess the organizational design of KSU. He interviewed our Staff and submitted comprehensive consultancy reports that detailed the findings and suggested recommendations.

This “diamond in the rough” who ventured upon our shores has been transformed into a “diamond of the finest cut” and it has been a privilege to know him and to support him in his future endeavors.

Robert L. Frantz (PhD), President and CEO, Kepler Space University.

“Hiring Assegid Habtewold as my coach was by far the best decision that I’ve made during this year. I contacted Dr. Habtewold late last year to catch up and seek his advice on a couple of ministry ideas. From my first pre-consulting meeting all the way till the end of the three sessions I was constantly encouraged to step out of my comfort zone in order to accomplish all that I’m called to do as a rising leader. Assegid is a phenomenal coach…he has the unique ability to see hidden talents and enable leaders to embrace their God given gifts. I hired Dr. Habtewold for a total of three sessions and I was extremely satisfied with his coaching service. I truly appreciated his professionalism as well as his supportive demeanor. Without any reservation I highly recommend him as a coach and consult to others….you will not be disappointed.  

Meron Berhane, M.Div 

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